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Araly Acres
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 1:54 am    Post subject: Manual  Reply with quote

This is not a strict guide as to how to make posts on Canterwood. It is an assortment of ideas and tips to make it easier for your fellow role players to interact with you. If you have any tips or ideas to offer feel free to post them in your own thread. Thanks : )

1. Try to map out a storyline as to where the starting point of your story line is with the person you plan to rp with. It is fun to see where things go but if someone sets up a rp and they have an idea in their head on what is going to happen and you take it a completely different route right away it turns role players off as to continuing the thread. In other words don't turn a normal thread into a sci-fi thread if the other player was not intending that thread for that. Set up a good foundation for a great role playing thread by agreeing beforehand.

2. Try and use correct sentence structure, spelling and punctuation. If you need help there are programs that will spell check for you. Or you can join our mentor program and someone would be glad to point out some things you may want to work on.

3. Try to match your word count as close as possible to the person you are rping with. If they made a long post please do not follow up with a three sentence one. If you can't find things to go off of in a long post then try to come up with new things that your character is thinking or feeling. You can describe, lightly, your character's surroundings but don't go overboard. It's not really important that a line or ants were climbing up the tree if your character is in the middle of a battle, while the clouds made cute little bunny shapes in the sky. But it is important that the horse beside you is bleeding from being struck in the head or the enemy looked like the devil himself had sent them from the depths of hell. See what I mean?

4. Give your fellow role player something to go off of. If they reply to your post with a half hearted post it's more than likely because you are not giving them muse worthy posts to go off of. You want to give options in your post so that the player could possibly go two or three different directions in their reply. This won't be able to happen in every post but when you can you should definitely try and freely influence replies.

5. Don't suggest that other players did something because you want them to. Don't play others characters in your post to get the result you want. For instance, in the middle of the battle do not say your character killed someone else's character, beat them up, moved them across the country, stole them or bred them. Unless it is agreed upon. Example: Maximus attacked Toby and brought him to his knees. He was going to kill him. You might instead say: Maximus stormed toward Toby with the intent to bring him to his knees. Fire in his eyes, he wanted to kill him. This will allow the other player to say whether or not his character was brought to his knees or dodged the attack. It is highly irritating to be told that your character has just suffered some grave injury without the ability to stand up for themselves.

6. Don't join a group role play unless you can commit to it. It will hold up or stall a thread if you skip out on posting. And then the thread may move on without you. So that when you do come back you are no longer part of the story line. This is both unfair to you and the others who are role playing in that thread. If you are going to missing make sure you make your character missing for whatever time period you think you may be gone. That way you don't fall off the face of the earth in the middle of a conversation.

7. Make things interesting and have fun. I'll probably add more to this later, or as I go along. But for now just roll with your threads and try to improve as much as possible. Smile

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