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Encounters {for Kylee}
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Kylee Farms

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:54 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote

Renegade didnt think they knew, and he wasnt gonna spell out for them what the humans had done to him. They had broken some of the wild horses spirit. He was only part of the stallion he had been. Not to mention he wasnt a young stallion anymore. Though he wasnt close to death either. The little herd he had was fine with him. Though he did want Fancy to be in their small family. Renegade also wasnt gonna fight his son. He missed Regal already. The thought of him made it even more so that he wouldnt fight his son. Fancy had chosen him. Maybe she had always  not been totally happy with him. The brute was willing to leave peaceful. Steps slowly took him away with Night. He was pleased to have found her. Renegade was gonna speak to her about things, make sure she was ok. Then she seemed to explode and take off. Renegade was a mustang but he wasnt used to the mountains like she was, running after her he slipped off but always seemed to regain himself. He called for her to stop so they could talk. When she seemed to have lost it he called loudly and ran faster no matter the danger to himself.

Rebellion was ready to fight for the one he loved. Nothing mattered now but her and the baby growing inside her. Night would leave them someday. It seemed it was now. "You go right and ill go left" Rebellion told Fancy when he had already started to canter then gallop after Night. He was gaining on her quickly because unlike his father he was very used to this. "Night... " He nickered as he started to cover the distance between them. It would actually be Rebellion that would get close to the filly before his father would. "Slow down before someone gets hurt Night" Rebellion continued, his father was soon to catch them. He looked to Fancy to make sure she was ok. This allhad to be hard on her,
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Arden Acres
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Fancy nodded, taking off and ever so glad Rebellion was used to the mountains. It would makes catching her daughter that much easier. She soon overtook her daughter and let the boys come in on her sides as she blocked Night's path. Making her filly slide to a stop and still Fancy felt her slip into then underneath her. Standing over her daughter she pinned her ears and bared her teeth a little. "What are you thinking running off like that?" Fancy didn't even let up when she saw how scared Night was of her at that moment. "You know running off like that is dangerous. You could have been hurt or taken or worse." She was angry, but also so worried. Night was her only surviving child and it pained her to think of ever losing her like she had Regal. Night deserved to live out her life. Deserved to have a full life with love and joy. Fancy nuzzled Night's face, wiping the tears as she explained her reasoning. She knew it was all so.. much at one time but Night was stronger then this. What hurt her he most was Night just wanted them to be a family again. Not chose between the two. It wasn't fair to her, even if she would chose her father. It was only because he hadn't be around.

Night slid under her mother and was frightened. Never had her mother been angry wih her before. It was actually making her shake. Breaking down she sobbed. "I just want you both to be together. I want us to be a family. I can't believe you betrayed dad like that with my own brother and are now making me choose between you two. I just want us again.." Night could no longer speak she was so distraught. It was just so much for her in a day. Her father returning was enough to break her strong defenses down to dust and now she couldn't control anything about this. Night just hoped she wasn't in too much trouble.

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